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All services are completed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

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Become a licensed Hair Braider in the State of illinois.


Hair Braider Program –  300 Hrs

Tuition $3,500

Student Kit $250

Hair Braider Teaching Program – 600 Hrs

Tuition $3,500

Student Kit $250


You must be at least 16 years old

Have a high school diploma or GED

Have a State ID or Driver’s License


9AM-4:30 PM for 10 weeks

9AM-1PM 16 Weeks – Part-time


The history of hair is deeply rooted in our culture, expression and identity. We are in the service to empower women and to strengthen their inner passion for braiding. More and more women are embracing their natural hair therefore more comfortable wearing different hair styles. At A&O braiding school we value the importance of hair and the role it plays in a woman’s life.


A&O braiding school is going to provide anyone with the passion and love for braiding the opportunity to further their education. They are various type of braiding styles. They are all very unique and very beautiful. Our goal is to help anyone that come to our school to discover their inner braider and to develop their talent for braiding.

About us

A&O braiding school is a partnership of professional braiders with more than 20 years of experience. Our natural hair journey started with the desire to provide quality hair styles and to empower other women. Braiding in itself is a work of art, so our primary goal is to provide our student with sufficient knowledge in natural hair care and braiding in order for them to become more proficient. Our main objective is to empower braiders to gain confidence in order to turn a passion into a business.

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Braider certification

We provide 300 hours of classroom and practical experience according to the Illinois regulation. In addition, we are going to teach on various subject such as: health, hygiene, sanitation, history of hair, disinfection, along with modern day styles such as knotless braids, boho braids, feedins.


Teacher certification

We provide 500 to 600 hours of classroom and hands on practical according to the Illinois regulations requirements.


One on one and group classes

We provide one on one classes and group classes to anyone interested in learning basics styles. The classes could be taken alone or with a friend or family member. We also provide mother and daughter classes. Additionally, we offer classes for biracial parents on how to care for their mixed children’s hair.



We offer internship to whoever is interested in furthering their career’s journey.


  • Hair Braider Program – 300 Hrs
  • Hair Braider Teaching Program  – 600 Hrs


  • Monday-Friday
    9AM-4:30 PM for 10 weeks
  • 9AM-1PM 16 Weeks – Part-time

NB: Braiding license is required in Illinois


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